Scooter Squad – Action Adventure Game

We have our new game out. Scooter Squad and we are very proud of our hard work.

Its an original story (using the endless runner mechanic to create obstacles) to uncover an international smuggling ring. With each level having an objective that brings you closer to uncovering the truth. Each level builds on the insanity of the previous ones.

The game is set right across Italy . It channels a lot of the 1950’s Italian vibe along with Tin Tin, the famous 5 and many more.

Farmtastic Adventures

Being a parent and growing up with video games it is important for me to ensure that what my child plays is fun enjoyable and most importantly educational.

I created Farmtastic to balance all of this. The game includes

  • Animal Sounds and recognition
  • Shape matching
  • Animal quiz
  • Animal pops
  • and videos.

All of the content is available offline so your child wont need the internet and there is no in game purchase. Buy the game and enjoy hassle free play that your child will enjoy for hours.

Available on all apple devices from iPhone 4 onwards.

Matchimals – Our First Game

We have finally lived out a dream. We have published our first game. We are waiting on final approval from Apple however we are just excited to be doing this. This is a simple game however we have some new and original games coming soon.